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Presto 6 Cup Coffee Percolator Review

Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator ReviewFor those of us who prefer that stronger taste of percolated coffee in the morning, then the Presto 02822 could be the perfect choice for you. This model is popular with many buyers, and of course it comes from a very good brand. This is one of the biggest sellers […]

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Duronic CG250 Premium Grinder Review

Duronic CG250 Premium 250W Electric Coffee Grinder UK ReviewThis is our review of the highest rated blade grinder that is available in the UK market at the moment. When we did our reviews on the top 5 blade grinders in the UK, this model came out on top. With an average buyer satisfaction rating of 94%, […]

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What Is A Barista

What Is A Barista?In its most simple form a barista is a person who makes coffee, primarily by using espresso as the base for all the many types of coffee drinks. In the United Kingdom this is the name given to people who work in coffee shops and have completed some form of training. We will […]

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Best Filter Coffee Maker Reviews

Best Filter Coffee Makers UK Reviews 2018In this article, we have rated and reviewed the top 10 rated filter coffee makers, that are currently available in the UK marketplace. There are quite a number of brands to choose from, and also plenty of different models within each brand. We know that it can get confusing. That […]

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Chemex Wood Neck Coffee Maker Review

Chemex Wood Neck Coffee Maker UK ReviewThis is my long and detailed review of the popular Chemex Wood Neck coffee maker. When it comes to just pure design, and for anyone who appreciates style, then I believe that it does not get much better than this. It has an RRP of £43, and at that price, […]

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Best Coffee Grinder Under £50

Best Coffee Grinder Under £50 in the UKCoffee grinders vary in price from as low as £10, and all the way up to £350+ The more you can spend the better a grinder you can buy. £50 or under will get you a good high quality burr grinder. There are essentially a choice of two types […]

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