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S4U Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon Review

S4U® Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker ReviewIf you are looking to try out the intriguing world of making coffee, with a vacuum brewing method, then the S4U 5 cup coffee master, would be an excellent choice.Alternatively, if you know any coffee connoisseurs, then this model would make an excellent gift. This method of […]

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Sage Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine UK ReviewThis is my long and detailed review of the exceptional Sage Barista Express Espresso Machine. These machines are made famous by the popular and extravagant Heston Bumenthal, the TV chef.As of the time of writing this review, this is the cheapest of his range of 3 bean to […]

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Duronic Electric Coffee Grinder Review

Duronic CG250 Premium Coffee Grinder UK ReviewThis is our review of the highly buyer rated Duronic coffee grinder. This particular model is pretty new to the UK market. It is however selling really well, and more importantly, buyers really do seem to love this one.It only comes in the single black colour shown below. The […]

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BlueSnail Coffee Tamper Review

BlueSnail Coffee Tamper – UK ReviewThis is my review of the BlueSnail Coffee Tamper. This is made from stainless steel and is a 51 mm tamping size. A tamper of this quality is ideal for tamping fresh ground espresso before brewing, for all your favourite coffee drinks.As you can see from the image below, this one […]

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