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How to Find the Perfect Coffee Grind

Most coffee drinkers eventually come around to understanding that the best coffee that you can make is not found in a jar of instant coffee. For sure that can often do the job, and it is certainly quick and convenient. However for any want to be coffee connoisseur who wants to make great coffee, there […]

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How to Store Coffee Beans For Freshness

The absolute best way of storing coffee beans is to put them into an airtight container. Then place that container somewhere cool and dry and out of the daylight.  This applies to instant coffee, ground coffee and even coffee beans. If you do that then you can add considerable length to the storage period, and […]

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10 Facts You Never Knew About Coffee

Here are ten facts that you may have never known about coffee. Hopefully you will find them interesting and as they say, you do learn something new every day.Fact 1 – Coffee is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Most people will know that coffee contains a high dose of caffeine. The favourite drink of many is […]

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Journey of a Coffee Bean

The Interesting Journey of a Coffee BeanThat invigorating black potion sitting before you has gone through a long and complex process involving hundreds and thousands of farmers, pickers, producers, cuppers and shippers to be the very answer to your morning needs. As you wait for your brew to reach optimal drinking temperature take a moment to […]

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Why Are Coffee Beans Roasted?

You know that sweet, roasted aroma that fills your nostrils and excites your brain when coffee is near? How does that happen? How does each one have a distinct smell or taste that has a different effect on you?  It’s not the magic of just coffee; it’s actually the magic of roasting coffee beans. It […]

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Best French Press for Camping

If like me you enjoy the great outdoors, and also like your coffee, then this article should really help you out. At home I use different brewing methods for my coffee.  One of those happens to be the French Press which I still like to use. I use the classic glass style which I am […]

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