Andrew James Lumiglo 1000W Filter Coffee Maker UK Review 

 January 24, 2019

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for checking out our review of the popular Andrew James filter coffee making machine. This particular model is popular mainly due to the affordable price point of under £35, and the fact that it looks really well and is also a very practical choice for your kitchen.

Please note this coffee maker is no longer made or available. We would recommend that you check out our top 10 list of filter coffee makers by clicking here.

We have also included a few of our favorites just below.

Here at "The Perfect Grind" website we like to thoroughly review the coffee maker and include the really good benefits of the machine, but also include any negative points about the product. We think that helps make your choice a great deal easier.

It is also fair to say that although this machine is at the cheaper end of the market, the buyer reviews are OK, without being very good. Overall online buyers have given this Andrew James machine an average buyer satisfaction rating of 80%.

We will explain that in more detail, later in this product review.

Will this Look Good In Your Kitchen?

Have a look at the image below as that is the simplest way to decide if you first like the overall appearance and style? We believe that is always the first decision making thing to decide about any appliance.

If you don't like the appearance, then it really doesn't matter whether it makes great coffee or not. If appearance is not that important to you, or you find the appearance to your liking then keep reading to find out the other features and benefits.

Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine

As you can see this one has a matt black finish and it doesn't come in any other colour. There is a blue LED display, and at the base there is a brushed chrome ring to help set it off. The carafe is made from glass with this same type of brushed chrome handle.

The Lumiglo is part of the an Andrew James range of kitchen products. In that range you can also buy a toaster and a kettle. So if you like your kitchen appliances to match, then these three products are available in the same style.

So if this style of filter machine doesn't work for your needs, then you can check out our top 10 list of filter makers by clicking here.

If you are interesting in finding out more about this coffee maker then please feel free to continue reading below.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

Just below we have included the key features and benefits of this filter machine so as you can see those at a glance. We go into more detail below, but it is nice to see what this machine can do with just a quick glance.

  • The Lumiglo filter coffee makers has a 1.5 litre carafe which makes up to 12 cups of coffee in 12 minutes
  • It has a washable filter which means that you don't have to buy paper filters
  • Has a useful 24 hour timer which means you can set it up to make your coffee the night before and have it ready in the morning
  • It has a 30 minute keep warm feature
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It is super easy to use
  • Measures 22 x 36.6 x 20 cm
  • Weighs 3.5 Kg
  • 1,000 watts of power

We have read hundreds of reviews about filter coffee makers. When you compare the features and benefits of this model to the other brands, the features here are pretty standard. All the good filter machines should have these features and this one does.

How Do Buyers Rate the Andrew James Lumiglo?

Buyer Satisfaction

There are a few hundred buyer reviews available on the many online websites who sell this product. That is what we check out and read, and then pull all that information together. It is always good to have a few hundred reviews available as it tells us the product sells pretty well and also gives us some accurate and useful information.

Overall the buyer satisfaction on average is 80% which is an OK rating without being anything exceptional. It is however worthwhile breaking this down a little further as to how this satisfaction rating is made up.

  • 52% of all online buyers rate this with a full 100% rating
  • 74% rate this as 80% or higher
  • 9% of all buyers gave this filter coffee maker a bad rating

What Caused the Bad Ratings?

There were a few reasons why some buyers (9%) left this product a bad review:

  • About 4% of buyers said the coffee wasn't hot enough
  • 2% said they received a damaged or faulty product which had to be returned
  • 2% said it worked OK for about a year and then stopped working and they had to get it replaced under warranty

The bad reviews were all genuine complaints though a few of them were down to goods damaged in the post. Those with faulty goods were able to get them replaced under warranty, though that is still a hassle for the buyer.

The 4% who said the coffee wasn't hot enough is really a matter of opinion. We know having used so many filter machines, and having read thousand of reviews, that filter coffee, unless poured as soon as it is brewed is not scolding hot.

We like to include the bad reviews always as it gives a much better insight into any product. Ideally we like to see that percentage of bad reviews at under 5%. This Lumiglo model does not tick the box on that, so just be aware of that.

Just below we have given you individual ratings on this filter machine.

buyer rating figures

As you can quickly see from the chart above, this Andrew James model is good in terms of the quality of coffee, how easy the machine is to use, the warranty and the value for money. It is however let down by its longevity and durability.

What Buyers Liked About the Lumiglo Filter Machine

For the vast majority of buyers they were well pleased with what this filter machine can do for them. We have listed below what buyers really liked about this machine and why they liked it.

  • 74% of all buyers rated this product highly
  • Almost every buyer found this a really simple machine to set up and use
  • Most buyers said it made very good tasty coffee
  • Buyers loved the appearance and found it to be neat, compact and attractive
  • Many buyers used this for everyday use

Buyers also liked the large filling area of this machine, and the fact that it has the number of cups marked on the side of the carafe

Our Verdict on the Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine

In our opinion this model is really all about the affordable price point. It is one of the lowest on the UK market for this type of filter coffee machine.

The appearance is very good and there are lots of useful features. A few buyers (9%) did have problems with this machine, however, most of those are covered off in the 2-year warranty.

So, if you want an affordable filter machine, with a good range of features, that looks the part, this could be a very good choice for you.

Make sure though to register your warranty online, in case you do encounter any problems, after you have bought and used the machine. Buyers did like the timer feature, and the fact that it was so very easy to use.

Filter Machine FAQ

Is the Lumiglo programmable?

No it can not be programmed. It does however have a 24 hour timer. It means you can't set it up to make your coffee every day at the same time. However you can set it up in the evening to make your coffee in the morning. You would have to do that each day.

Do You need paper filters?

No. This one has a washable metal filter which works really well. If however you hate the thought of any grains at the bottom of the cup, then you can use a paper filter as well as the metal filter. Using both ensures there will be no "surprise" grains in the bottom of your cup or mug.

Always remember though that a paper filter does remove a little of the taste in any filter machine, and makes it taste a little milder.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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