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Why Use Coffee Filter Paper

Do Paper Filters Make Better Coffee & What Size Do You Need?As many of our readers will know there are many brewing methods for coffee. Filter coffee however does remain a favourite brewing method in the UK. To make this type of “filter coffee,” many home owners will use a filter coffee machine. These filter machines […]

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Types of Coffee Drink

Different Types of Coffee Drinks In this article we are going to discuss the many types of coffee drinks available on the UK market. Depending on where you like to drink your coffee, they may be called slightly different names. There are however some basic ones, and it is always good to know, how each […]

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Presto 6 Cup Coffee Percolator Review

Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator ReviewFor those of us who prefer that stronger taste of percolated coffee in the morning, then the Presto 02822 could be the perfect choice for you. This model is popular with many buyers, and of course it comes from a very good brand. This is one of the biggest sellers […]

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