Best Knock Box for Espresso

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK reviews on the best knock box when making coffee at home. This is a coffee accessory that we believe should be used when making coffee at home. The reality is that many people don't actually use one of these, and we think they are missing out.

If you have a coffee machine at home that can make an espresso, then we are sure that you are very familiar with the routine. You grind your coffee, or use pre-ground coffee, tamper it, brew your coffee and are then left with the used puck inside the portafilter.

Most people will make a short trip to the bin, and dispose of that in there. We have all done that at some time, and one or two solid taps is enough to get it into the bin, and out of sight. After all that costs you nothing except the short trip to the bin.

Why bother with a knock box then you may very well ask? For us there are three main reasons why you should consider buying one. Those are:

  1. Hygiene - should you really hit your portafilter off the side of a bin with germs and bacteria in there? It is even worse if the filter falls in and you have to fish it out
  2. Having a knock box in your kitchen looks cool, and also allows you to quickly get rid of the used coffee puck, without any dripping or mess
  3. It is a great idea if you are planning on recycling your coffee for something like a compost heap as all the grounds are in one place
best knock out box for coffee pucks

Do You Really Need a Knock Box?

It is one of those gadgets that divides opinion quite a lot. One one side of the argument are those that say, this is just a plastic box with a bar in the middle that is way too expensive. At the other side of the argument some people say it keeps the coffee area clean, is a safe place to hit your portafilter off, and keeps everything neat and tidy.

Almost every coffee shop has one, and the main reason for that is cleanliness and hygiene. Customers would not be too impressed if they saw the barista whacking the portafilter into a bin. it really shouldn't be any different at home. We also think it does keep things very tidy, and makes sure the portafilter doesn't get damaged.

Tips for Buying a Knock Box

We all learn things from trial and error and also from experience. Most of the writers here at the website have owned one or more of these, so we asked them all for their top tips for buying a knock box. We have listed those tips below, so as you cal learn from their mistakes, and avoid buying a pig in a poke, or a puck in a poke.

  1. Avoid buying something really small that only holds 5 or 6 pucks as that just becomes a pain to continually have to empty
  2. Buy a knock box with a removable bar as that makes it easier to empty and much easier to clean
  3. Stainless steel is more expensive, but the hard plastic knock bins can crack over time

Top 5 Buyer Rated Knock Boxes

  1. Motta stainless steel 7750 Knock Box 11cm diameter (93%)
  2. Sage the Knock Box Mini Coffee Grind Bin (92%)
  3. Grindenstein Knock Out Box Black (92%)
  4. Dreamfarm Grindenstein (91%)
  5. HOME DEPT Stainless steel Knock Box (91%)

1. Motta Stainless Steel 7750 Knock Box

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This knock box is made by Motta, one of Italy's premiere stainless steel manufacturers
  • There is a very heavy, thick rubber pad on the bottom to absorb shock
  • It is made from very high quality 18/10 stainless, and no welds
  • This knock box is stamped out and the inside is perfectly smooth like the inside of a sauce pan
  • Measures 14.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm
  • Holds around 10-12 pucks

2. Sage Knock Box Mini Coffee Grind Bin

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This knock box has a removable hard plastic knock bar for easy cleaning, and the plastic will not damage your portafilter
  • It has a very classic stainless steel finish which is good to look at
  • There is an anti-slip rubber grip on the feet
  • Compatible with the Dual Boiler and the Sage Barista Express
  • Measures 14.4 x 14.8 x 15.8 cm
  • Dishwasher safe

3. Grindenstein Knock Out Box

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This knock box has been specially designed to be stored on the espresso machine's drip tray
  • It has a durable rubber sleeve that protects the group handle
  • It also has a shock absorber and solid stainless steel core
  • Can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Comes with a small book on how to use coffee grinds as a natural fertiliser

4. Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Out Box

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Like the one above this one has been designed to be stored on the espresso machine's drip tray
  • A thick and durable rubber sleeve protects the group handle
  • Shock absorber and solid stainless steel core
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Comes with booklet on how to use coffee grinds as a natural fertiliser
  • Available in silver or charcoal black

5. HOME DEPT Stainless Steel Knock Box

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This is made from high quality stainless steel and high quality silicone makes the knock out box durable and reliable
  • The bottom of the grounds container is not slip
  • The knock bin can be taken apart and cleaned under water or the dishwasher
  • Holds around 15-20 portafilter coffee grounds until it is filled up
  • Can also  be used as a tamper base

There are plenty of choices for these on the UK market. The five that we have shown above are those that sell really well, and also get highly consistent buyer ratings online.

We recommend getting one that is large enough to hold the amount of pucks that you will use. That will save a lot of trips to the waste. We also recommend getting one that is fast and easy to clean.

Once you have achieved those two things, then it really comes down to the style or brand that you prefer to own.