Best Coffee Pod/Capsule Maker Machines - UK Reviews 2017 - & Useful Buying Guide

Pod Coffee Maker Reviews

It is amazing how quickly these pod or capsule style coffee makers have become so very popular with UK coffee lovers. Take a walk into any of the big UK department stores, and the shelves will be filled with these types of coffee makers.

It seems that all of the big coffee brands have gotten in on the act. They have certainly flooded the UK market with plenty of choices.​ If you are thinking about buying a coffee pod style of machine, then you will find this coffee maker guide very useful.

There are however quite literally hundreds of different models available on the market. Although the competition helps drive prices down, it can also make buying a pod coffee maker very confusing.​ That is why I put together this guide. Hopefully it will make your choice that little bit easier.

Quick Buying Guide for Pod Coffee Makers in the UK​

I know that some people will not have time to read this full guide. So, if you just want to know what the top 5 pod/capsule coffee makers in the UK are, I have listed those below. If you click on any of the product name links, you will be taken to Amazon UK. There you can see their current prices, any available discounts, and also read the actual buyer reviews there.

I have listed those by the best sellers, highest rated and always the best value for money. Underneath those you will find a lot more detail. That will help out those of you who like more detail, and who want o understand more about these type of quick and convenient coffee makers.

Top 5 Rated Pod or Capsule Style Coffee Makers UK​

Here is the Top 5 List: If you click on the product name, it will go to Amazon UK, where you can read more reviews, and find out latest prices, and any available discounts, they may have on at the time.

So that is a top 5 list. As you can see they vary quite a lot in both style and in price. It is I think most important to understand why there is so much variation. That is when making your selection can get quite complicated. Hopefully I can make that choice a little clearer.

Who Should Buy a Coffee Pod Machine?

The entire purpose, and growing popularity of these pod or capsule machines comes down to speed and convenience. Millions of people throughout the UK love their coffee. As you can see on the High Street, coffee shops have popped up just about in every city, town and village in the UK.

They have introduced to the United Kingdom a whole range of coffee options. The days of simply cracking open a jar of instant coffee are long gone. Today people want coffee shop quality in their homes and kitchens.​

coffee shops in the UK

A guaranteed way of having this quality of coffee is to own a coffee machine. However, setting those up and then cleaning up afterwards, is something some people don't have the time for. They do make fantastic coffee of course, but there is some work involved.​

With a pod or capsule coffee maker, the work all but disappears. You put water into the machine, insert a capsule or pod, hit a button and get your coffee. It truly does not get any more easy or convenient than that.

That makes this type of machine ideal for:

  • Those who like their coffee first thing but don't have much time​
  • Coffee lovers who want a quick and handy way to make great tasting coffee
  • For those who want good quality coffee in the office
  • For those who want an extra coffee machine in the house for a quick cup

So there are plenty of consumers who know and appreciate the convenience of having a pod style machine in the home or their office.

Pods vs Capsules vs Discs

You will hear these machines referred to as either pod, disc or capsule coffee makers. They are essentially the same thing. Different brands simply call them different names. These are the small sealed units that contain the coffee. You will insert one of these into your chosen machine. That pod or capsule will then be punctured, and that allows the coffee to be brewed.

The pod or capsule is specifically made for each machine or brand. It is not a one size fits all type of choice. For example should you go with a Bosch Tassimo machine, then you need to buy the pods for that machine.​

So you can see that this will restrict your choice. if you just want an espresso style coffee, it isn't really a big problem. If however, you wanted different coffee options like cappuccino, latte etc, then you need to be sure that the pod machine you buy, has capsules for that coffee type.

Tassimo T-Discs

tassimo coffee pod selection

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pods

Nescafe pod flavours

Nespresso Coffee Pods

nespresso pod choices

You can buy all of these in different coffee types and in different pack sizes

Understand the Costs of Buying a Pod Type Coffee Machine

Cost is of course a very important consideration. There are two main costs involved:

  1. The outlay for the actual machine​
  2. The ongoing cost of buying pods, discs or capsules

The main cost will be the purchase of capsules. Once you have bought your coffee pod machine, that cost is basically finished. It is a one-off investment. The prices vary quite a lot from as low as £40 and all the way up to £200. That variance is down to the brand, and also to any additional features that you might want.

Some of these will make​ two cups at a time and you pay a little extra for that. Others have better pressure systems and you pay a little extra for that. Some have larger water tanks than others and you pay more for that. Others have automatic cut offs etc. So depending on what features you want, the price will go up.

The True Cost of Pods

This is the real cost of convenience. For these machines to work you need a compatible pod. That means you have to purchase these online or at supermarkets. The prices can vary quite a bit. The average cost for a single pod, disc or capsule is about 20-30p. So in simple terms each cup of coffee you make using one of these will cost about 25 pence.

Now that is of course far cheaper than going to the local coffee shop. So overall you will save yourself a lot of money. Just be aware though that these running costs can really add up. If you had 3-4 cups a day, then the costs would be about £25-30​ a month.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

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