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Does Coffee Make You Pee or Poop

does coffee make you pee

Believe it or not, this question of coffee making you pee or poop a lot, is asked quite a bit. I also get asked does coffee make you fat? Well I will answer that one in a separate article. For now let’s answer the important question of pee or poop! Our digestive system and urinary system, […]

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Coffee Recipes at Home

home coffee recipes

Great Coffee Recipe Drinks That You Can Make at HomeIf you love your coffee as much as I do, then why not check out our great coffee recipes below. These are all recipes for coffee drinks. If you want to check out our great coffee desert recipes, then you can find them here. 1 Coffee […]

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Gourmet Specialty Coffee Definition and Meaning

speciality coffees

Explaining Gourmet & Speciality Coffee Types for UK Coffee DrinkersWhen it comes to drinking coffee, you will know doubt come across terms such as “Gourmet Coffee,” and/or “Speciality Coffee.” Nice terms for sure, but what on earth do they actually mean. In this article we do our best, to explain these terms, especially for those […]

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Types of Coffee

chemex coffee brewing mwthod

What Are the Different Types of Coffee Available in the UK?Many of my readers posed the question, “How many types of coffee are there?” That made me raise an eyebrow for sure. My instant reply was, “How long is a piece of string?” I honestly don’t know how many types of coffee there are. I […]

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Ethiopian Coffee

ethiopia coffee

Ethiopian Coffee Types, Tastes and the Ethiopian Coffee RitualEthiopia is actually the home and birthplace of coffee. It dates back to there from around the tenth century. Ethiopia is an African country, probably most famous for its long distance runners, and famines than for anything else. It remains to this day a very poor country with […]

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Coffee Gift Ideas

coffee gift hamper for guys

Great Coffee Gift Ideas for People of All AgesWelcome to our coffee gift idea page. Hopefully you will be inspired, and have found the perfect present, by the time you have reached the end of this page. If not, sorry, but we tried our best. There are a lot of different coffee ideas and certainly a […]

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What Is Low Acid Coffee

what is low acid coffee

What Is Low Acid Coffee – Understanding Reflux & HeartburnIn this article I am going to cover off by explaining exactly what is low acid coffee. I am guessing that if you are on this website, you already have a great liking, for a decent cup of coffee. Many of us do. There are however some […]

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Recycle Your Used Coffee Grinds

coffee facts

5 Useful Things to do with Your Recycled Coffee GroundsThere are several ways of recycling your used coffee grounds, from farm use to beauty to pest control and others. The reality is that in most homes throughout the UK, coffee grinds are usually tipped into the recycling bin, and forgotten about. There are however some really […]

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How to Find the Perfect Coffee Grind

the perfect coffee grind

Most coffee drinkers eventually come around to understanding that the best coffee that you can make is not found in a jar of instant coffee. For sure that can often do the job, and it is certainly quick and convenient. However for any want to be coffee connoisseur who wants to make great coffee, there […]

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How to Store Coffee Beans For Freshness

how to store coffee

The absolute best way of storing coffee beans is to put them into an airtight container. Then place that container somewhere cool and dry and out of the daylight. This applies to instant coffee, ground coffee and even coffee beans. If you do that then you can add considerable length to the storage period, and also […]

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