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 January 8, 2024

By  Enda McLarnon

Great Coffee Gift Ideas for People of All Ages

Welcome to our coffee gift idea page. Hopefully you will be inspired, and have found the perfect present, by the time you have reached the end of this page. If not, sorry, but we tried our best.

There are a lot of different coffee ideas and certainly a lot of gadgets that you can buy for someone who loves and appreciates their coffee. These range from simple and inexpensive choices like tampers, coffee mugs and even keyrings.

There are of course other more expensive gifts like hampers, coffee machines etc.

Top 10 Coffee Gift Ideas & Presents

Below we have listed 10 of our best coffee gift ideas, which hopefully you will like at least one of them.

Coffee Gift Idea 1 -Happy Birthday Coffee Gifts for Men

Gourmet Birthday Coffee Gift Set for Men & Women

A perfect choice for any man who has a birthday and loves his coffee.

This is a unique Gourmet Coffee gift box, tailored to your finest tastes - a curated selection of 5 single estate coffees from lush Brazilian notes to Ethiopian crisp undertones.

5 different coffee farms from Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil

Hybrid between the pour over and French press - Suitable for pour-over, steeping or cold brew.

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Coffee Gift Idea 2 - Ring For Coffee Bell Funny Birthday Gift

Desk Kitchen Coffee Bar Decor Counter Top Service Call Bell Ring for a Coffee Desk Top Bell Ring for Service

Makes a fun novelty gift for a birthday

This is perfect for the office and will hopefully encourage others to make coffee for you..well you can try

Metal and nice and clear ringing bell.

A fun thing to and a quirky cheap coffee gift.

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Coffee Gift Idea 3 - Ring For Coffee Bell Funny Birthday Gift

LUCIFERS ROAST strong coffee beans from Italy - very strong espresso - low acid - for coffee machines or portafilter

With a caffeine content of more than 2.8% or with up to 571mg caffeine (250ml), these beans have up to 6 times more caffeine than conventional coffees and are therefore demonstrably among the strongest coffees in the world.

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Coffee Gift Idea 4 - Maison & White Pod Holder

60 Coffee Pod Holder Black | Tassimo Pod Compatible | Coffee Machine Stand | Pod Drawer Dispenser | Kitchen Storage

This is the Maison & White 60 Large Coffee Pod Holder and is a fantastic addition to any coffee lover's kitchen.

It is suitable for the large Tassimo pods, as it can store up 60 pods in the easy pull out draw, ready for that morning boost.

It can also be used for the machine itself. As it has a non-slip surface, you can set your coffee machine on top of the machine to keep everything quick and to hand

It also has rubber feet that ensure there’ll be no spillages to your precious coffee.

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Coffee Gift Idea 5 - Maison & White Pod Holder

Gourmet Coffee Gift Set - COFFEES OF THE WORLD | Ground Coffee 600g (6 x 100g) - 6 Finest Single Origin

This box contains: 6 x 100g Ground Coffee Vacuum Packed 6 Finest Single Origin Coffees Travel and you can enjoy a world full of flavours with our Single Origin specialty coffees! Richest and finest coffee flavours.

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Coffee Gift Idea 6 -Bosch Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine

Best Selling Coffee Pod Machine


Slashed in price from around £100 to £38

Great for the home, but also great for the garage, shed or allotment - freshly brewed coffee as and when you fancy a brew

Super simple to use, and even easier to clean and look after. Fill with water, put your chosen pod in, and hit a button.

Watch the coffee flow, then sit back and enjoy

Coffee Gift Idea 7 -Monin Syrup Coffee Gift

MONIN Coffee Syrup Gift Set 5x5cl. 1x Vanilla, 1x Caramel, 1x Hazelnut, 1x Amaretto, 1x Gingerbread Syrup for Coffee. Perfect for Flavoured Coffees

For those who like syrup in their coffee this is the Monin Syrup Coffee Gift Set.

You get 5 different flavours, Caramel, Noisette, Vanille, Pain d'épice and chocolate cookie flavour.

They are attractively boxed and perfect for gifting. And as well as helping to recreate a full-flavoured coffee-shop experience at home, they’ll liven up milkshakes, ice cream, cocktails and home baking too.

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Coffee Gift Idea 8 -May The Froth Be With You - Star Wars Coffee Coaster

A place to rest your cup


An inexpensive wooden coaster for a coffee cup or mug

For Star Wars or Starbuck's Lovers

Costs under £2

Coffee Gift Idea 9 -Beech's Fine Chocolate Fine Chocolate Coffee Creams

Chocolate Cream Lovers

chocolate coffee creams

Beech's bring to you the most luxurious dark chocolate rounds which are filled with a rich and intense coffee fondant center

Can be shared with friends and family and a real taste of Christmas

Costs around £7

Coffee Gift Idea 10 -Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug

Chocolate Cream Lovers

bodum coffee travel mug

If you like to travel, and also like your coffee, then why not own a Bodum travel mug

Available in a whole range of colours

Costs around £13

Hopefully you have found a least one great coffee gift idea. Thanks for visiting.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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