Delonghi ESAM 2800 UK Review 

 February 15, 2021

By  Enda McLarnon

This particular model is one of the highest selling models or bean to cup coffee machines in the UK at the moment. If you have been shopping around for this type of machine, then you will have noticed that ben to cup coffee machines are not cheap.

This ESAM 2800 model does however sit at the lower end of those high price points. That helps explain in part, why this Delonghi model is a popular choice for so many UK buyers.

It still costs around £300 so it is certainly not a cheap option, but when compared to many other bean to cup coffee machines, this type of price point is at the lower end.

In this article we do a full review of this model, so as you can decide if this is the best one for you.

Quick Review of the De'Longhi 2800.SB Bean to Cup

The De'Longhi ESAM 2800.SB is a 1.8 litre bean to cup coffee machine. It uses 15 bar pressure, and has a high quality burr grinder. It also has an electronic steam and coffee thermostat, all designed to make you a great cup of coffee. It is ideal for fresh beans and offers a range of grinding options.

Delonghi ESAM 2800 bean to cup coffee machine

As you can see from the image above, this is a nice looking machine, and comes in black with chrome style interfaces.

How Buyers Rate the ESAM 2800.SB?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall 1,000+ online buyers have given this machine a 90% buyer satisfaction
  • 75% of these same buyers have given this coffee machine a full 5 star review
  • To date 5% of all buyers have given this a poor review.
Easy to use
value for money
Grind Quality

What Online Buyers Say about this Delonghi Coffee Machine?

Overall, as we can see, the satisfaction rating is very good. We have now summarised what those same buyers had to actually say about this bean to cup, after they had bought and used it.

We have done that by setting it out in a table of Pros and Cons.


  • The vast majority of buyers stated that this was very good value for money compared to many other models on the UK market
  • Almost every buyer said this model made very good tasting coffee
  • Again, almost every buyer said they were were very impressed by the heat of the coffee and especially those who liked their coffee hot
  • Buyers liked the overall appearance and also said that it was easy to use, once you had a little time to figure out the various settings
  • Buyers liked the dials on the front of the machine as it made it easier to see and use


  • A few buyers said that the steamer could be improved as it is noisy
  • A few buyers said that it is a little bulky and the instructions could be improved

De'Longhi R132212012 Specification

Many buyers like to know all the technical data when buying a coffee machine. We have provided that information below for those readers.

  • Measures 28.5 x 36 x 37.5 cm (average size)
  • Weighs 10 Kg
  • The body is made mainly of plastic with some chrome and metal parts
  • It is a 15 bar pressure machine with a 1,450 watt boiler
  • It has quite a large removable 1.8 litre water tank which holds enough water for around 12 espressos
  • This machine has 4 coffee options, a strength selector and a milk frother
  • You can make two cups at a time
  • It also has an electronic steam and coffee thermostat for accurate steam control
  • You can use fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee
  • The bean container holds 200 grams of beans
  • It has an integrated professional burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness settings
  • You can also remove the brewing unit for easy cleaning
  • It also has a removable drip tray with water level indicator

A Little About the De'Longhi Brand

This is one of the best known brands when it comes to buying coffee machines. This is an Italian brand and they have been making coffee makers and machines since 1974.

Their vision is to be recognised as the global market leader in coffee, comfort and selected kitchen and home care.

They are known for their high quality design, and also for making high quality products.

Video Review of the 

WE had a really good look online to try and find the most useful and helpful video of the Krups arabica bean to cup machine. The one shown below is one of the best. It only lasts a couple of minutes and we think it is worth a watch.

Our Verdict on the De'Longhi R132212012 ESAM 2800.SB Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

This ESAM 2800.SB model from Delonghi sells really well online and overall gets a high buyer satisfaction rating.

Those buyers agreed that the bean hopper is easy to access, the grinder is very good and it is good to have a number of grinding options.

The body of the machine is made of hard plastic so easy to keep clean, and the cleaning instructions are easy to follow and will help prolong the life of the machine.

The quality of the coffee is excellent and you can make the many different types of coffee drink, all based around the espresso and the milk frother.

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

This model is one of the cheapest bean to cup coffee machines on the UK market. However if this is not the right one for you, then please check out full article on the best bean to cup coffee machines.

In terms of value for money this model is about as good as you will find. It makes good quality coffee and is easy to maintain and look after.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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