Why Does My Coffee Taste Bad

bad tasting coffee

Why Does Coffee Taste Bad – How To Make Sure It Doesn’tThere are many reasons why coffee tastes bad and it can be a really frustrating problem. In this article we look at some of the most common problems associated with coffee, and more importantly, how to make sure they never happen to you. Now we […]

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Moulinex AR1100 Coffee Grinder Review

Moulinex AR1100 Coffee Grinder UK Review

Moulinex AR1100 Coffee Grinder UK ReviewThis is our UK review of the Moulinex AR1100 coffee grinder, or as the manufacturer calls it, “The Original” Coffee and Spice Mill. As you will see from the image below this one comes in a striking orange colour, and that appeals to some buyers in the UK. It can be […]

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Understanding Coffee Types in a Coffee Shop

Starbucks Coffee House

Understanding Coffee Drink Types in a Coffee ShopHave you ever tried to understand the many types of coffee that you find in coffee shops? It can certainly be a challenge to understand what is on offer. In this article we are going to explain the different coffee drinks, available in the most popular coffee shops […]

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Coffee Bags Like Tea Bags

best coffee bag

Coffee Bags – Just Like Tea BagsYou may or more likely may not have heard of “coffee bags.” As you see we are all coffee buffs here on this website, and yet most of us had never heard of this type of bag. These are coffee bags just like the humble tea bag. Our thoughts were […]

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Lavazza vs illy Coffee Brands

lavazza vs illy

Lavazza vs illy Coffee Brands – The Italian Coffee Brand DebateWhen people discuss Italian coffee, the debate about the best Italian coffee usually divides opinion. There are two very big coffee brands in Italy, well known to most people, and as the title of our article would suggest, they are Lavazza and illy. Before we offer […]

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Easehold Electric Coffee Grinder Review

EASEHOLD 200W Electric Whole Coffee Grinder Black

Easehold Electric Coffee Grinder ReviewThis is our UK review of the Easehold 200W electric whole coffee grinder. It is worth noting that this coffee grinder can also be used to grind nuts and spices. That makes it a pretty useful kitchen gadget. This model sells well in the UK and also gets consistently good buyer ratings. […]

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Best Syrups for Coffee

best coffee syrup UK

What Are the Best Syrups for Coffee – Great Flavours Many of the coffee shops that we go to now offer coffee with a difference. Normally that difference is made by the addition of a syrup. Those can add a unique flavour to your normal cup of coffee. For many people though, the choices available […]

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