Melitta SOLO E957-101 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine UK Review 

 November 29, 2018

By  Enda McLarnon

This is our UK review of the popular Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk E957-101, Bean to Cup Coffee machine. Overall online buyers have given this machine an average 80% buyer satisfaction rating.

If you have been investigating bean to cup coffee machines, then you will already know that these are never a cheap option. They can cost anything between £300-£2,000 depending on the brand and the range of features that you want to have on your machine.

The good news about this Melitta Solo model is that it does sit at the lower end of the price points, for this type of high end machine. This German brand is also well known when it comes to making these classes of higher end machines.

There are more than enough features on this machine to keep you interested in the many different types of coffee drinks that you can make if you own this.  As you can see from the image below, this is a nice looking machine.

Melitta SOLO E957-101 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review

Brief Description

In this section we include a brief description of this machine just to give you a sense of what this bean to cup machine can actually do.

It is available in 4 colours which are black, silver/black, black/silver and silver. The colours are simply variations with the main change of colour being the body colour that you prefer. This machine has 3 different settings that allow you to change the actual strength of your coffee.

The water tank is 1.2 litres and the machine can make hot milk, hot water, espresso, Americano, cappuccino, and all the latte coffee drinks. It also has an automatic cleaning and descaling system built in that helps reduce the workload.

Below you will find a detailed review. For those who don't have time to read all of this, then we have put together a short summary review of this product just below.

Summary Review

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500 online buyer reviews

  • It makes all the good coffee drinks
  • It can handle a cup size of up 50 5.3" in height (13.5 cm)
  • Can also be used for hot water dispensing if you want to make just a hot drink like tea
  • The cable length is 3.2 feet
  • Measures 7.8 x 12.9 x 17.9 inches and weighs 17.8 lbs
  • The grain compartment can hold up to 125 grams of beans
  • Overall online buyers have rated this Melitta model with an 80% buyer satisfaction rating
  • It comes with an integrated coffee grinder, a cup warmer and a milk frother
  • It comes with a UK 3 pin plug
  • The warranty is standard at 12 months

For those who want or prefer to read more details, then please continue reading below.

A Little About the Melitta Company

Here we let you know just a little about the Melitta brand. This is a short section just to give you a little bit of information about the brand itself. They are an international and family-owned Melitta Group business who have been around for just over 100 years. They are a German brand.

They manufacture branded products for coffee enjoyment, for the storage and preparation of food, and for household cleanliness.

How Buyers Rate this Melitta SOLO Machine

  • Overall buyers gave this an overall buyer satisfaction rating of 90%
  • 73% of all buyers gave this machine a full 5 star review
  • 4% gave this machine a bad review

What Buyers Say About This Machine

Just below you can read what buyers have to say about this particular Melitta model. It is one of their best sellers and has been so for quite some time. As you can see 7 out of every 10 buyers deem this machine worth a full 5 star rating, and the number of bad reviews is relatively low.

We shall of course still want to know why buyers leave a bad review so we have covered that off below in a pros and cons table. We find that a handy method to summarise the good and bad points about this machine.


  • Buyers said this made great tasting coffee
  • The majority of buyers said that this machine is very easy to use
  • Buyers were aware of the price point for this type of machine, and said this one was very good value for money


  • The bad complaints were that the machine broke down after a few months and had to be returned under warranty

To summarise what buyers said, those who left a bad review (around 7%) did so because they stated that the machine stopped working after a few months, and they had to get it replaced. That is clearly very annoying. The only consolation is that this only happened to a couple of buyers.

The contented and satisfied buyers liked the machine a lot, and said that it made excellent coffee. They also said it was easy to maintain and clean. They also thought it was very good value for money. It is at the lower end of the price point scale for this type of machine.

Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk Specification

Many potential buyers like to know the full specification of the machine. This helps them decide if they have room for it on a counter top, what types of coffee the machine can make, and a range of other questions.

Knowing the specification helps answer a lot of buyer questions. So here it is.

Melitta SOLO E957-101 Specification

  • Made in Germany
  • Measures 45.5 x 20 x 32.5 cm
  • Weighs 8.1 Kg
  • Has a removable 1.2 litre water tank
  • Runs off the main'e electric and comes with a 3 pin UK plug
  • Uses 1,400 watts of power
  • The features include an integrated conical steel grinder, milk frother and a cup warmer
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Has 3 settings that allow you to select the strength of your coffee
  • You can adjust the height where the coffee comes out so as you can use different sized cups or mugs (Up to 5.3" - 13.5 cm)
  • It has a double cup mode
  • There is a built in auto cleaning and descaling program
  • You can use this along with the Melitta Companion application on your phone. This app allows you to get some tips and tricks, as well as numerous service features
  • It comes with a 12 month standard warranty
  • This machine will make hot milk, cappuccino, hot water, espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and lattes.
  • Grain compartment can hold 125 grams of beans
  • Touch of a button preparation
  • Valve for steam and hot water dispensing
  • LED display
  • Compatible with Melitta filter cartridges
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Energy saving mode and programmable automatic shutdown
  • 3.2 ft. long cable

Our Verdict on the Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk E957-101, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

We have reviewed a lot of these bean to cup coffee machines. Melitta is a well known brand and they do make high quality products.

In this higher end range of coffee machines, the bean to cup is always the most expensive type to purchase. At around the £300-£350 price point we still consider that to be a lot of money.

However with reference to this model, it is still at the lower end of the price point for this range of machines. That is the main reason why buyers consider this one to be excellent value for your money.

So good value and also a very high quality build of a machine.

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500 online buyer reviews

Buyers say this machine makes great tasting coffee, and it is easy to use. Most of the buyers don't actually use the steam or frother. Those that do stated that it worked really well. When compared to other machines of a similar nature, buyers said that this one was pretty quiet.

They also liked the way that this model was easy to use, and that the automatic cleaning saved them the time and hassle of having to do it manually.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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