Moccamaster KBG 741 Filter Coffee Machine UK Review 

 November 23, 2018

By  Enda McLarnon

There are filter coffee machines and then there are Moccamaster coffee machines. These are really unique looking and each machine is precisely engineered and hand made.

This model, like all the machines in the Moccamaster range is not cheap, but what you are buying is a very high quality, beautifully engineered machine, that is built to last you a lifetime.

This KBG741 model is one of the best in their range of coffee machines. As you will see later in this review, buyers love this machine. It gets an online buyer satisfaction rating of 96% which is an excellent rating.

The single biggest complaint about most filter coffee machines is that the hot plate, or keep warm plate just does not keep a pot of coffee hot enough. There are no such worries with this one as this plate operates at 80-85 degrees Celsius.

Above all these machines are built to last with each piece well made and extremely well put together.

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 Review

The Moccamaster Brand

Moccamaster specialise in the manufacturing of coffee makers. All their coffee makers are hand made. Their products meet the requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Speciality Coffee Association of America and Europe.

They are a company based in the Netherlands and started as a company in 1964. They trade under the name of Technivorm Moccamaster. Where possible, the company makes use of recyclable or fully destructible materials.

They make coffee makers, hotplates, water boilers and coffee grinders in more than 200 variations

Who Would Buy the Moccamaster KBGT 741?

The reality of life is that most people simply will not be able to afford to buy one of these Moccamaster machines. They are expensive and that will put many potential buyers off right away.

At the end of the day this is a drip filter coffee machine. You can buy a filter machine from around £50-75. Why on earth would you spend 3-4 times that amount to get this one?

We know from our research that there are a few problems when buying cheaper filter coffee machines. These include:

  • Typical lifetime of a filter machine is 2 years depending on use
  • The hot plates never keep the coffee hot enough
  • Many of the parts are plastic
  • Can be really difficult to find parts when they go faulty
  • Can be hard to get good customer service if something does go wrong
  • Most basic filter machines simply flood the grounds to make their coffee

When you buy one of these it will last a lifetime. Parts are always available. The hot plate is the best that we have ever seen. The customer service and support is excellent.

The heating element, housing and all parts are of extremely high quality. This model uses a 9 hole water outlet to brew your coffee at the perfect temperature.

Finally Moccamaster have this model available in a whole range of colours, so you can pick the colour that suits your decor the best.

How Buyers Rate the KBG 741

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall online buyers have given this machine a buyer satisfaction rating of 96%
  • 82% of all online buyers have given this model a full 5 star rating
  • 0% have given this model a bad review

What Buyers Say About the KBGT 741

  • This is knockout stylish from a coffee specialist machine manufacturer. It has an aluminium body that will last a lifetime.
  • The parts are removable making it easy to clean, and all the parts are BFA-free.
  • The Technivorm Moccamaster is a long lasting and silent coffee machine.
  • Great choice of colours to suit almost every taste in decor Available in brushed silver, black, white, red, orange, pink, turquoise, fresh green, matt black, matt silver, polished silver, red metallic, royal blue, stone grey and yellow pepper.
Ease of Use
Coffee Quality

KBGT 741 Machine Specification

Moccamaster KBG 741 machine specification

In this section we take a more detailed look at the specification of this KBGT 741 machine. We have tried to provide as much information about this model as we would find.

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine Award Winner
  • Available in a wide range of colours - 15 in total
  • Has one a number of prestigious awards including the one shown above
  • Certified by the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Speciality Coffee Association
  • Measures 39.6 x 38.4 x 19.6 cm and weighs 3.2 Kg
  • Uses 240 volts and comes with a UK plug
  • Uses 1,520 watts of power for fast heating of the water
  • Has a 1.25 litre water tank that can make up to 10 cups of coffee in 6 minutes
  • Made from stainless steel
  • 5 year's manufacturer warranty
  • Perfect filter coffee brewing temperature of 92-96 degree Celsius
  • Easy-to-clean removable BFA-free parts
  • Glass jug with a lid and filling tube
  • Intelligent hotplate with a perfect temperature of 80-85 degrees
  • Unique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to perfect brewing temperature
  • Auto-off after 40 minutes
  • Automatic drip stop
  • You will need to use 1 x 4 filter papers

Our Verdict on the Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBGT 741

  • An expensive option for sure and especially for a filter coffee machine
  • It is right at the top of the range for quality
  • It is extremely well engineered and most certainly built to last
  • The quality of coffee is really very good
  • The speed that this machine makes coffee at is also really quick
  • This brand is used all over Europe

With a 96% buyer satisfaction rating it is clearly a high quality machine that buyers love. In terms of a filter coffee machine this is right at the top of the pile.

However if this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of filter coffee machines, by clicking right here.

One buyer's review that I read summarised this machine nicely by saying that this was an easy to use machine, made really good coffee and looked really cool.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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