Sage Grinder Pro UK Review 

 September 17, 2016

By  Enda McLarnon

UK Review of the Smart Grinder Pro, Sage by Heston Blumenthal

In this article we have done a detailed review of the Smart Grinder Pro. This is an expensive burr grinder. Let's check it out and see if it is worth the investment.

This is a burr grinder, and when we were doing our research on those, this model came out at number one on that list. That should tell you just how good this burr grinder really is.

We think that it is also worth pointing out early in this article, is that it is also one of the most expensive on the UK market. It has an RRP of £199.95, though you may be able to find it slightly cheaper in some online stores.



Before we get into the detailed review, we wanted to include a little about the Sage brand, which you can read just below.

The Sage Brand

Sage are considered to be a high end appliance brand. These appliances range from espresso machines, ovens, kettles and right through to food processors. They are known as a highly innovative company.

They are part of the Breville Group, and they work with the chef Heston Blumenthal to advertise many of their products. This company offer a full support service by telephone (08 081 781 650) or online.

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Detailed Review

Let's face it, around £200 is a lot to pay for a machine that basically grinds coffee beans. There are plenty of alternatives on the market, so why would anyone pay such a large amount for this one?

We think first of all, that as it is associated with a well known chef, there is some branding going on here. By default that will usually mean a high price. Heston Blumenthal is well know for his cooking exploits on TV.

He is of course a 3 star Michelin chef, and best known for his triple cooked chips. If you have never tried them, then we recommend that you should. Enough of my rattling on, and let's get back to the Sage review.

Perfect Coffee with the Perfect Grind

For those of us who love our coffee, we know that there are a number of important things to consider. Of these, having freshly ground beans is the most important.


The fresh grind must be of the right granularity that suits the type of coffee that you want to make. After all the grind for a French Press is a lot different to that for an espresso.

On most good quality burr grinders, you can adjust the settings to get the right grind for the type of coffee that you are making. Most of these grinders will do a decent job of adjusting the grind.

This one however does take it to the next level. It is a very precise machine, and buyers seem to know the difference.

The other important thing that buyers mention is the consistency of the grind. The Sage offers a wide range of 60 grinds, but can also deliver these on a consistent and regular basis.

For people who love drinking high quality coffee, that is a vitally important outcome.

Video Review of the Heston Blumenthal Coffee Grinder

The video below is a demonstration of the Smart Grinder in action. This will show you how to quickly set up the grinder for use. The hopper is large and can hold 450 grams of beans.

That is a good thing for regular coffee drinkers.


Please note that this grinder comes in three different colours:

  • Black
  • Stainless Steel
  • Red
Just make sure that if you are placing an order that you pick the right colour for you.
I have shown these below. Underneath I have included the right link for each different colour.

Available in Three Different Colours

Stainless Steel

Sage The Smart Grinder Pro™ BLACK COLOUR

Key Features & Benefits of the Smart Grinder Pro

Set Up Time

You should have this one ready to use in a couple of minutes. Like any new product, I like to rinse out the parts. With this one that will be the hopper and the grain container. That removes any dust that may have gathered.

The product comes with a "Quick Setup Guide," so just follow that and you will be good to go.

Quality and Consistency of Grind

Again by following the guide, this grinder is pretty easy to use. It comes with an air tight container to hold your grounds, and that is a nice additive to this. It also has measurements on the side of it making it really handy.


Almost every buyer commented on the appearance of this grinder. Irrespective of the colour they selected, all agreed that it looked amazing.

This is another more in-depth video on the Smart Grinder.

“The Smart Pro has extra features that you normally don't get with other brands of burr grinders.”

It has a useful pause feature which you can use during a grind, a removable grinds catcher that quickly and easily slides out, and a hopper that locks on removal so no bean spilling.

This model is we believe one to consider for serious coffee drinkers, who really understand and appreciate, the difference a fresh grind can make.

It delivers the right amount, at the right grind, on a consistent and regular basis.

The Good and the Bad

Below we have summarised what online buyers said about this Sage grinder.


  • It looks great and will stand out in any kitchen
  • Despite having many features it is very simple to use 
  • A choice of 60 grinds and consistency of grind
  • Quiet when in use 


  • It is an expensive option 
  • A very small number of buyers said it was faulty on delivery - make sure to check that and get a replacement should it happen


If this is not the product for you, then check out our full top 10 list of burr grinders by clicking here. Overall though, if you can afford this one, it will be hard to find a better product on the UK market right now.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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  1. Hi Enda,
    Great blog on all aspects of Coffee.
    I curently have the De’Longhi KG79 with a Gaggia Classic and non pressurised basket.
    If I bought the Sage grinder, what differences in the coffe would I notice.
    I did have to modify the De’Longhi to get a finer grind and it’s still working away without any problems.
    Best regards

    1. Owen, a very good question. In all honesty I think you would really struggle to notice any major difference. If you have taken the time with your KG79 to get it where you want it, then I would stick with it until it stops working.

    2. IMO you would find a bit of difference. The Sage is a lot more consistant than the KG79, which I would say is ok upto maybe a Mokka. You said it all by saying you used the hack to get the KG79 to grind finer.

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