Types of Coffee Drink UK 

 August 20, 2018

By  Enda McLarnon

In this article we are going to discuss the many types of coffee drinks available on the UK market. Depending on where you like to drink your coffee, they may be called slightly different names. There are however some basic ones, and it is always good to know, how each of those are made.

All of these do have the same basic recipe. A Barista or coffee shop owner, may do their own little twist on each of the classics, but the quality of the espresso remains at the heart of the taste.

Espresso Coffee

This is the small cup of coffee, and is served widely throughout Europe. It is certainly a highly popular choice in Italy, and is typically sold as a shot of coffee. A slight variation on this is a double espresso, which is of course a rather strong tipple. Some people will add a little sugar to this if that is their preference.

More importantly, this is the foundation for many other of the highly popular coffee drinks. I have listed those below.


If you have been to Italy you may have tried this coffee. It is most commonly made by taking a scoop of vanilla flavoured gelato (ice-cream) and then pouring a hot espresso over that. Depending on your own tastes, you can also add a shot of a liqueur to this.

Americano Coffee

This “Americano” still remains a very popular choice for many coffee drinkers. Sometimes it may be called a Caffè Americano. This is made by simply by adding hot water to espresso. The actual strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso added.

If you go into some of the coffee chains in the UK, then you will know that the Americano is available in various sizes. Some of them will use a single shot of espresso and others will use a double shot.

It really does depend on how strong you like your coffee. For a small cup a single shot is enough, but for medium to large personally, I think this requires a double espresso, to maintain the strength and flavour.

Lighter roasts are normally used to make an Americano.


This is made from an espresso, drinking chocolate and whole milk ad is traditionally served in a small round glass. This coffee drink is traditional in Turin, Italy. The drinks are normally layered in the glass for presentation and only mixed when you drink it.


In Europe we have the latte and this is what the latte is called in America. It is an espresso that then has a half and half mixture of milk and cream.

Cafe Au Lait

If you travel around Europe this is a standard coffee you will be served in many cafes and restaurants. This one is made by adding scalded milk to an espresso, perhaps even a double espresso, if they want to impress you. This is the type of coffee that you will be served in countries such as Spain and France.

Cafe Bombon

This is one that is popular in Spain and is a 1:1 ration of espresso and condensed milk. It is a version of the Malayasian Kopi Sus Panas. With the Bombon version condensed milk is added very slowly to the espresso, and it then sinks underneath the espresso for an interesting visual effect.

Caffe Corretto

Another Italian style of coffee with a kick. This is a shot of espresso with a shot of grappa. You can get this served with other liqueurs such as sambuca or brandy. The jist behind this is that in many European countries the meaning behind the coffee is to serve it with an espresso and that country’s version of moonshine.

Caffe Crema

This drink is mainly served in the Italian and Swiss border area and also in the Italian and Austrian border. It always refers to a long espresso drink. The term long comes from running the water when brewing the espresso from a coarser grind than usual for an espresso.

It is pretty hard to actually get this drink as cafes and restaurants are reluctant to create this type of grind. As a result most cafes serve what is called a “long black.” It isn’t exactly the same but it is pretty close.

Caffe Latte

This is a hugely popular choice for many coffee drinkers. The large coffee chains such as Starbucks and Costa have made this a very popular choice. The way this one is made is typically one shot of espresso and then a 2 to 1 ratio of steamed milk to espresso, with a little foam on top.

Caffe Macchiato

Another Italian option and is also known as a “marked coffee.” In simpler terms this is an espresso with a very small amount of frothed milk. Personally I like an espresso with a very small amount of sugar for sweetness. Some people who don’t want sugar use the frothed milk as a sweetner to a standard espresso.

Cafe Medici

To make this one you need 2 shots of espresso, 1″ square of orange peel or lemon peel, 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, and some whipped cream. You can also use a couple or orange slices to garnish if you wish. This drink starts with a double shot of espresso.

That is then poured over chocolate syrup and the slice of orange or lemon peel. You can then top this up with whipped cream. This drink originated at Seattle’s historic Last Exit on Brooklyn coffee house.

Cafe Melange

A Cafe Melange is a black coffee mixed or covered with whipped cream. I was in Amsterdam recently and it is a popular choice there. However when I travelled to Austria a few years back, this was a very popular choice. Likewise it is also popular in Switzerland.

Cafe Miel

The name “Miel” is the Spanish word for honey, so you can figure out the key ingredient in this coffee drink. This drink has one shot of espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon, and honey.  It is the official state drink of Rhode Island in the United States.

Cafe Mocha

This is one of the more popular coffee drinks in the UK. The very popular Caffe latte is a first choice for many people in the UK, and the Cafe Mocha is simply a variant of that one. The difference is that chocolate syrup is added. Mochas can contain dark or milk chocolate.

Cafe Zorro

Cafe Zorro is a double espresso added to hot water in a 1 to 1 ratio.

Ca Phe Sua Da

This is worth a try if you like to sample slightly different tasting coffees. This one is a Vietnamese coffee recipe that means iced milk coffee. To make this coffee you mix black coffee with about a quarter to a half as much sweetened condensed milk

You then pour this over ice. If you have been to Spain, then a similar drink to this is called Cafe del Tiempo, the hot version, or Cafe con Hielo, ice.


cappuccino coffeeThis is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. It will vary slightly from country to country. In its basic form though a Cappuccino is made with an espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam.

The rich foam on top of the cappuccino helps retain the heat.

Caramel Machiatto

The Caramel Machiatto or C-Mac is a vanilla latte with foam and gooey caramel drizzled on top, while Chai Latte notes that the steamed milk of a normal cafè latte is being flavored with a spiced tea concentrate.

Chocolate Dalmation

This is a white chocolate mocha topped with java chip and chocolate chip. There are a few variations of this and many young people like to drink the Cinnamon Spice Mocha. This is made with a mixture of cinnamon syrup, topped with foam and cinnamon powder.


This is simply an espresso that is cut with a small amount of steamed milk. The steamed milk is added after the espresso and it is popular in Portugal and Spain. It is usually served in a special glass with a metal wire handle.

Espresso Romano

This is made using a shot of espresso with a small rind of lemon and sugar added. A great choice as this is a refreshing coffee drink with an interesting little twist.

Flat White

The name is a trendy one and this coffee drink is made by pouring creamy steamed milk from the bottom of the jug over a single shot of espresso which then creates a lighter froth. This drink originated in New Zealand and Australia.


If you have been to Starbucks then you will already know that the Frappuccino is the name and registered trademark of Starbucks blended ice beverage and bottled coffee beverage that has different flavors available.


If you have tried coffee in Portugal then you may know the Galao. It is a hot drink made of espresso and foamed milk. It is made in a tall glass with about one quarter coffee, three-quarters foamed milk.


This was originally made with one or two shots of hot espresso, poured over slices of lime or on ice; sometimes served with a touch of milk.

Gingerbread Latte

This is usually served in coffee shops around Christmas time. It is a seasonal blend, and is made with steamed milk, espresso, gingerbread syrup, topped with a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla powder.

Greek Frappé Coffee

This is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from spray-dried instant coffee. It is a very popular Greek and Cypriot summer drink. This is mostly served along with a glass of water.

Green Eye

This is a coffee only to be tried by die hard coffee enthusiasts. This is also called the “Triple Death” and it is dripped coffee with a triple shot of espresso.

Iced Coffee

The iced coffee is a drink you will either really love or really hate. Personally I do not like these at all, but many people love them. There are a few different ways to make these. The simplest is to make hot coffee and allow it to go cold. However this process can taste rather bitter.

Cold brewing is also popular but does take time. In this process ground coffee is soaked in water for hours and is then filtered. This is usually done in a French Press or in a Mason Jar.

Most coffee shops now do their own versions of this. As an example the Iced Latte is made by making a normal latte and pouring directly into a cup of ice cold milk.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is a beverage derived from dehydrated brewed coffee beans that come in powder or granules. Some brands include Chock full o’Nuts, Japanese canned coffee, Moccona and Nescafe.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is coffee combined with Irish whiskey and cream, often further sweetened with sugar. The secret in appearance terms, to a great Irish coffee is to make sure that the cream sits on top of the hot coffee. That does make it a very nice looking drink.

They key to the taste though is using high quality coffee and a good brand of Irish whiskey. This is classed as liqueur coffee. A liqueur coffee is simply brewed coffee with a shot of liqueur and usually served in a warmed glass. Sugar is required in the coffee mixture to help the cream float.

You can liqueurs such as Baillies, Brandy, Tia Maria etc.

Kopi Luwak

A very expensive option and not the most enticing coffee either, but it does taste fantastic. This is the one made from poop. Coffee berries (beans) are eaten by civets who then poop those out. That poop is gathered, washed and dried in the sun. They are then roasted and ground for coffee.

Kopi Susu

The Kopi susu is a coffee drink found in Malaysian Borneo and Indonesia. This is served in a glass of cooled mixed black Arabica coffee including grounds with about a quarter to a half a glass of sweetened condensed milk. Kopi Turbruk uses sugar instead of sweetened condensed milk. Not one of my own favourites but some people do like this.


Libbylou is a hot espresso made with equal parts mocha and white mocha topped with espresso and steamed half and half. It is served plain without a topping,


A very popular choice is the Macchiato. This is an espresso with a dash of foamed milk that is put directly into the espresso cup first. The espresso is then put into the cup. Cocoa is then sprinkled over the drink.


If you have been on holidays to Portugal, you may be familiar with the Mazagran. It is a long cold coffee beverage which is served in a tall glass. It is made with espresso, lemon and ice. Sometimes sugar, rum or water is added or a fast version uses previously sweetened espresso in a cup with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Red Eye

Red Eye is a dripped coffee with a single shot of espresso while a Red Tie is a traditional Thai Iced Tea, a spicy and sweet mixture of chilled black tea, orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind, sugar and condensed milk or cream along with a single shot of espresso.


Ristretto is a very short shot of espresso coffee. All strengths of flavors are usually attributed to espresso in general, but are more pronounced in Ristretto.

Skinny Latte

Skinny Latte is a reduced calorie latte made with steamed non-fat milk and artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda or Equal. A Soy Latte is a latte made with steamed soy milk.


A Torpedo is made by placing the froth from steamed milk in cup with espresso coffee falling though the froth. The torpedo creates a very clean and distinct flavor for those who prefer a stronger taste of espresso than through conventional cappuccino.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is made by immersing very fine coffee grounds in water that is hot but not boiling long enough to dissolve the grains fully. It is made in a pot called a cezve. This type of coffee is very strong with a foam on top and is always served with water.

The Turkish refers to the brewing method and not the beans.

Vienna Coffee

Vienna coffee is the name of a popular traditional cream based coffee beverage. Made by preparing two shots of strong black espresso in a coffee cup, it is infused with whipped cream until the cup is full. It can then be topped with more cream and chocolate sprinklings. The coffee is drunk through the creamy top.


Yuanyang, sometimes also called Ying Yong, is a popular beverage in Hong Kong. Made of a mixture of coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea. It can be served hot or cold. Yuanyang means a pair of two unlike items as used in this drink.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

Enda McLarnon

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