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Where Do Coffee Beans Come From

world coffeeproduction

Coffee beans grow on trees right? Well they are beans right? I always remember when I looked to find out where coffee beans came from and discovered that they were not actually beans at all. The reality is that coffee is really a fruit, and in some cases some coffee beans actually come from poop. Now […]

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How To Buy Coffee Beans Online

buying coffee beans online

How to Buy Coffee Beans Online from the UKIf you are considering buying coffee beans online, then hopefully this guide will at least point you in the right direction. More often than not I use a local coffee store as I can actually see them, smell them and you do get helpful advice as well. […]

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How Are Coffee Beans Graded?

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How Are Coffee Beans Graded and What Difference Does it Make?Have you ever wondered how coffee beans are actually graded and does it really matter? As someone who enjoys coffee of all varieties, it is good to know about how coffee beans are graded. The most important thing to be aware of is that there is […]

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Journey of a Coffee Bean

the coffee bush or tree

The Interesting Journey of a Coffee BeanThat invigorating black potion sitting before you has gone through a long and complex process involving hundreds and thousands of farmers, pickers, producers, cuppers and shippers to be the very answer to your morning needs. As you wait for your brew to reach optimal drinking temperature take a moment to […]

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Why Are Coffee Beans Roasted?

roasted coffee beans

Why Are Coffee Beans Roasted?You know that sweet, roasted aroma that fills your nostrils and excites your brain when coffee is near? How does that happen? How does each one have a distinct smell or taste that has a different effect on you? It’s not the magic of just coffee; it’s actually the magic of roasting […]

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