The Perfect Grind

A lot goes in to making the best cup of coffee. Here we offer you great information on brewing methods, coffee bean selection, coffee machines, grinders, tamping and almost everything you need to know about how to make the perfect brew

Thanks for visiting the homepage of "The Perfect Grind" website. As you may be aware there are many different ways to brew coffee. These range from instant coffee, filter coffee, espresso based coffee and also drip,vacuum and Turkish brewing methods.

There are also a lot of different types of coffee machine available. These include:

That is not an extensive list and you could of course add stovetop espresso, Moka pots etc to a very long list of brewing machines.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of information available about coffee in general, so we have broken this down into the various sections. We have done that so as our many readers can find what they want quickly.

Please have a look at the information below, and click on whatever section you find to be of direct interest for you. Happy searching!

Coffee Making Machines

There are many types of coffee machines that you can use to make coffee at home. If you click on any of the links below, you can read our information on the particular type of machine.

We highly recommend reading our extensive coffee machine buying guide, before parting with your hard earned cash. Read our guide by clicking here.

We also explain cleaning and descaling coffee machines and the best way to do that. We also examine how to diagnose and fix most coffee machine common faults.

Coffee Grinders

There are 4 main types of coffee grinders which are:

  1. Burr grinders
  2. Blade grinders
  3. Hand grinders (Coffee mills)
  4. Built-in grinders (with some coffee machines)

Burr grinders are expensive but are a better way of grinding beans. The blade grinder is an affordable option. Hand grinders are also known as manual grinders and also as coffee mills.

We have a full guide on grinders which you can read here.

Coffee Beans & Brands

When it comes to picking coffee beans, you will never be spoiled for choice. We include decaf coffee options as well. We explain how coffee beans are graded and rated and that is important.

Find out more about coffee beans by clicking here.

We also explain how to recycle your used coffee grains. This is helpful as it makes great use of your old grounds.

Coffee Accessories

If you own a coffee machine, then there are a wide range of accessories to go with the different types of machines. There are also accessories that can be used in different brewing methods.

These include:

Brewing Methods

There are a wide variety of ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee. We explain all of those, and discuss why you may prefer one to the other. They include:

We look at the best water to use, how to measure coffee with relation to water and how to bring all of that together. We also look at what filters are and how to properly use those to get the perfect brew.

Roasting Beans at Home

Some people, though not many, love to try and roast their own coffee beans. We explain why beans are roasted, the different types of roasts and even how to go about trying this process at home.

Coffee Drink Types & Flavours

There are many drink types, but essentially these break down into two main types which are simply your normal hot coffee and iced coffee.

Hot Coffee Drinks

These include:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Macchiato
  • Frappe
  • Java
  • Gourmet

Iced Coffee Drinks

  • Cold Brew
  • Vietnamese Coffee

Syrups for Coffees

Many people now use syrups, just like coffee shops to add some interesting flavours to their coffee drink. Read about those here.

Click Here to Read About All the Type of Coffee Drinks

Coffee Outdoors - Camping and Hiking

We discuss the various options available for making coffee when camping, hiking or for going to festivals. The good news is that there are many options for doing just that.

Coffee from Around the World

We look at the many countries that grow coffee, and explain Arabica and Robusta beans, and what they mean for you the coffee drinker.