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Easehold Electric Coffee Grinder Review

EASEHOLD 200W Electric Whole Coffee Grinder Black

Easehold Electric Coffee Grinder ReviewThis is our UK review of the Easehold 200W electric whole coffee grinder. It is worth noting that this coffee grinder can also be used to grind nuts and spices. That makes it a pretty useful kitchen gadget. This model sells well in the UK and also gets consistently good buyer ratings. […]

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Duronic CG250 Premium Grinder Review

Duronic CG250 Premium 250W Electric Coffee Grinder

Duronic CG250 Premium 250W Electric Coffee Grinder UK ReviewThis is our review of the highest rated blade grinder that is available in the UK market at the moment. When we did our reviews on the top 5 blade grinders in the UK, this model came out on top. With an average buyer satisfaction rating of 94%, […]

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Duronic Electric Coffee Grinder Review

Duronic Electric Coffee Grinder

Duronic CG250 Premium Coffee Grinder UK ReviewThis is our review of the highly buyer rated Duronic coffee grinder. This particular model is pretty new to the UK market. It is however selling really well, and more importantly, buyers really do seem to love this one. It only comes in the single black colour shown below. The […]

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Tefal GT203840 Coffee Grinder Review

Tefal GT203840 Coffee Grinder

Tefal GT203840 Blade Coffee Grinder UK ReviewThe Tefal GT203840 Coffee Grinder is a popular choice of grinder for many UK buyers. It has a powerful 200 watt motor, and when combined with 2 stainless steel blades, does a very good job of grinding coffee beans. You can see what this particular blade grinder looks like just below.​ Quick […]

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