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Best French Press

Best French Press Coffee Maker UK ReviewsOne of the most traditional ways of making coffee is to use a French Press. My first experience of a French press coffee maker was when I was on a business trip in Dublin some 25 years ago. Many hotels and restaurants there were using this method of serving […]

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Best Coffee Grind for a French Press

In modern times, there are dozens of different high-tech coffee makers that make a hot drink quickly. While these methods may be convenient, they do not produce the same results as some of the manual brewing options.  One particularly popular manual brewing method is a French Press. A French Press is a handheld coffee maker […]

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Best French Press for Camping

If like me you enjoy the great outdoors, and also like your coffee, then this article should really help you out. At home I use different brewing methods for my coffee.  One of those happens to be the French Press which I still like to use. I use the classic glass style which I am […]

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