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Making a great cup of coffee is in my opinion a bit of an art form. As you know it starts with the humble bean and ends up as a cup (or mug) of delicious tasting coffee. It is the set of steps in between that take the bean to the cup, and make it taste just the way you like it.

However, for many people it can be really hard to figure out all the different types of coffee, the different brewing options, and all the many other parts in between.

If you are in that position, then you are not alone. I was there myself many years ago. I would love to share my knowledge with you, and make sure that you can find out anything you ever want to know about coffee.

Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and welcome to our website "The Perfect Grind."

As a self-confessed coffee addict, I decided to create my coffee website.

So, first of all many thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you find it both enjoyable and really useful.

My Coffee Journey

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When I was growing up, and even throughout my teenage years I was a tea drinker.

My parents drank tea and as a result our family were all committed tea drinkers. Now into the later teenage years I did acquire a taste for beer and other alcoholic beverages, especially Guinness.

When I got married, my wife had always wanted to visit her Grandmother's birth place which is in a small Italian town called Casalattico. It is located in the province of Frosinone in Lazio. That small village sits at the foot of the Apennine mountain range, about half way between Rome and Naples.

It was there I was first introduced to my first real taste of coffee and I have been an addict ever since. I had experimented a little at home with some of the instant coffees, and some of the filter coffee that was starting to become a popular choice in many of the UK hotels.

However none of these were even close to the taste of real coffee. For Italians it would seem, making coffee is an art form, and they take a lot of pride in making it the best that it can be.

That was when I first fell in love with coffee. It was made in a home on a small stovetop espresso and it was to die for. For years now I have been perfecting the cup of coffee and trying to experiment and discover the many roasting, grinding and brewing methods.

Of course in today's world coffee is the number one choice of drink for many people. The big names like Starbucks, Costa Coffee and others have all sprung up across the UK.

Making Coffee at Home

There is however something very satisfying about making your own coffee at home. There is nothing quite like that aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning to get your day started.

It is a scent that easily fills the kitchen and gets your day off to a wonderful start. In fact, I could not start my day without the perfect brew.

There is of course some investment required to get started at home. That can be as little or as much as you can afford. If you want to avoid instant coffee and have real coffee, all you really need is a hand grinder and a stovetop espresso and you are good to get started.

At the other end of the scale you can buy highly professional coffee machines that use high pressure to create a whole range of different types of coffee, based around making the perfect espresso.

About The Perfect Grind - Why I Started This Website?

This website has been a long time coming and now I am finally glad to get it up and running. I hope that you find it enjoyable as well and at least a little bit helpful and informative.

Much as I would like to grow my own coffee beans, I can not thanks to the wonderful UK weather. I also fancy roasting them as well and I have tried that quite a few times.

The two things I can control are the grinding process and the choice of brewing method. That is what I can share here with you. So thanks for visiting and I hope you return whenever you want to know something about making the perfect coffee brew.

If you want to ask me anything or simply want to get in touch, the best place to do that is at my contact page. If you want a good place to start your search then I would suggest my Home Page.

You can also visit my Facebook Page On there I like to keep my followers updated with all the latest coffee information, that impacts the UK market.

Meet the Team

Over a few years the website has grown, with other coffee enthusiasts writing and adding their information.

nadean coffee blogger

coffee guru

Nadean Leboix

Like the rest of the team, I love my coffee and like to write about brewing methods and the different types of beans.

geoff magee coffee blogger

Coffee blogger

Geoff Magee

Without coffee life would be very dull, so I like to write about anything related to coffee brewing.

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Enda McLarnon

We hope that you enjoy the information we provide here.

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