Best Single Cup Coffee Systems

Best Single Cup Coffee Systems UK Reviews

When you want one of the best single cup coffee systems for your home then it is certainly worthwhile doing some research. Most of the leading brands and manufacturers have now created some type of one cup coffee maker.

These brands include Breville, Russell Hobbs, VonShef, Kinto, TKG, Aeropress, Hamilton Beach and many more.

These are also ideal to use in your place of work, if you want to enjoy the taste of real and freshly brewed coffee.

I also like to try different flavours of coffee. Think of French Vanilla or some of the great Belgian chocolate types and you know what I mean.

Instead of making an entire pot of coffee, these machines can bring you great quality coffee in a matter of minutes. That makes them ideal to try out new flavours without making a full pot.

These single coffee makers save you time by quickly making a hot cup of coffee. All you have to do is grab the ready made cup, hit a button and you’re good to go.

What to Check Before You Buy?

Now most of these are small and compact. As such they should fit easily into a small space. That said, it is always worth taking a note of the dimensions and making a check that it will fit. That is especially important if you plan on having it under a cupboard. Width and breadth are not normally an issue, but the height of the machine can be.

The space that you use will also need to be close to an electrical socket. Most of these type of machines have short enough leads on them, so just be aware of that. For safety reasons, you may also want the place where it will be located, to be out of reach for younger children.

How Many Cups/Mugs Do You Really Want?

​Even though the term single is used, quite a number of these machines are capable of producing two smaller cups of coffee or one overly large one, suitable for a mug. Personally I prefer a mug always, most likely as I am a coffee nut.

The basic standard tea cup holds about 8 ounces. Most of the single cup machines are easily capable of making double that amount. In most cases one of these machines will allow you to quickly make enough coffee for two people. It is worth just checking on the capacity to be sure, if that is important to you.

Grains or Pods

Some of these machines are pod only. In other words you have to buy pods that actually fit the particular machine that you end up buying. Others do use regular coffee ground coffee in a reusable filter.

There is considerable debate over a reusable filter versus the pods.The way I look at it is this. No matter which you go for, you will still get fresh tasting coffee, rather than a cup of instant.

Personally I like the pods as they are convenient, if a little more expensive than buying coffee and filters.At the end of the day the best single cup coffee systems are not an expensive purchase.

Types of Single Cup Coffee Systems

There are a few different types of these available and it can get confusing for the buyer. The different types brew the coffee in different ways, and these are not the same as "coffee pod machines."

The pod machines are from brands like Nespresso and the Bosch Tassimo. (Great machines by the way but they do use pods only)

Below I have covered off the different types and included some of the best single cup makers currently available in the UK market place.

No 1 Choice - VonShef One Cup Personal Filter Coffee Machine with 420ml Travel Mug & Lid


Mug Size = 420 ml

For just £12, I think this is one of the best single cup makers on the market right now. It is a compact maker and I think it looks really great. It is a simple and cost effective method of making a good tasting cup of coffee.

This one comes with a 420 ml travel mug, that fits neatly into most car cup holders.

It is a simple one button push to start and it takes about 5 minutes to have a great coffee. This one is rated highly with a 92% buyer satisfaction rating, and buyers really do seem to like it. It also comes with a solid 2-year warranty. It also has a mesh reusable filter.

This one is handy for coffee in the home, but also is handy for day trips or even to take away on holidays. All round this is a great little single cup machine.

No 2 Choice - Kinto Column Cofee Maker from Japan

This Japanese model is certainly something very different. As you can see this one looks really different to many of the other single cup types.

It is also pretty new to the market and people are starting to buy it. Like many of the others it uses a mesh filter.

The purpose behind many of these makers is to keep you out of the expensive coffee chains. As you know even a simple coffee there will cost you £2-3.

This way you can make your own brew quickly in the morning. All that is needed is some coffee grains and water, and you are good to go.

This one has an 86% buyer satisfaction.

No 3 Choice - Breville Coffee Express Personal Coffee Machine


Mug Size = 500 ml

This VCF050 model from Breville is the best seller on Amazon, and in many other outlets. This one makes filter coffee and comes with a 500 ml bottle, that helps keep your coffee hotter for longer.

This Breville model also uses a permanent filter which can be cleaned and used over and over again.

This one has an 80% buyer satisfaction.

Essentially you make the coffee directly into the portable jar. It is really fast and easy to use. A full cup from start to finish takes about 5 minutes and you are good to go.

All you do is fill the water tank, put the grains into the filter and hit the on button. Buyers rate this model at 80% buyer satisfaction and there are plenty of buyers at the £18 price point.

Most buyers do say though that it works better if you actually use paper filters. The coffee strength is more consistent and it is a lot faster to clean afterwards.

No 4 Choice - Russell Hobbs 22630 Brew and Go Coffee Machine


Mug Size = 500 ml

This brew and go machine is slightly more expensive at around £25. It rates as a 4 out of 5 star product, and overall it gets pretty decent reviews.

This one brews coffee from fresh grains and uses filters. It does have a permanent filter, but like the one above, people seem to prefer the paper ones.

It comes with a nice looking stainless steel mug, which you can then take with you. This one has been designed for those who commute, like a coffee, but just don't have time to sit and drink it in the morning.

One nice thing about this one is that it has a 24 hour programmable timer. That means you can set it up and it will be ready for you first thing in the morning. This one takes about 3-4 minutes to make, so ideal for those pushed for time.

This one has a 70% buyer satisfaction rating.

Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Selections

​If you enjoy gourmet coffee, then there are quite a few gourmet single cup coffee selections. As you may know this type of coffee is all about giving you a coffee rich and full of taste.

​Filters are probably the most important thing to consider to get the full flavour from your gourmet purchases. Using the right ones really do help give the water the best taste. Some of the better machines will use a charcoal filter system.

This type of filter cleanses the water of any impurities that might impact the taste of the water. It is also worth checking the temperature of the machine will keep the coffee hot long after it leaves the unit.

​It is also worth checking if the single maker machine offers you the option to make other beverages such as cocoa or iced tea. Again some of these machines also use pods, so well worth having a look at what types of gourmet coffee are available in pods.

​Benefits of Single Cup Coffee Brewers

​As you can see there are a number of choices to get a quick cup of coffee in the morning. The built-in cups are designed to keep your coffee fresh and hot longer than ordinary to go cups.

You can set the strength by working out the amount of grains that you want to use. Clearly the more grains you use, the stronger your coffee will be.

One of the best things about these handy single up coffee machines is that they come with built-in filters.

Reading the reviews though would suggest that most users prefer to use paper filters as they do a better job of cleaning the water.

In addition they don’t take up a lot of counter space. When you get this type of coffee maker, the savings add up quickly, as you can stop going to the coffee shops.

​Single Cup Coffee Filters

​Filters are a royal pain in the head. I was going to use a different term but thought that I had better behave. They are though and mainly because of the cost of them, and the fact that they can often be hard to find. It is also all too easy to forget to buy them.

That said, they do make a huge difference to the taste of your coffee. Most of these machines come with built-in filters and mainly mesh filters. Although these work well enough to filter out the grains, they really do not do that good of a job on cleaning impurities from the water.

With a single cup coffee filter, you get the flavour you enjoy for sure. It is certainly worth trying to use the built-in filter and see if you enjoy the taste. You can then try a paper filter and see if it makes any difference.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

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