Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder UK Review

This is our review of the best selling Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder. This one has been designed in the USA, and it is aimed at the commercial world of coffee making.

That of course does not mean, that you can't have it at home. That is more a question of if you can afford it. It isn't cheap at around £140 in UK sterling.


review of the baratza encore
Review Summary

Product Name:

Baratza Encore Conical 

Grinder Type:

Electric Burr Grinder (Commerical Model)




Many of the coffee experts, believe this one to be the entry level burr grinder, for those who truly appreciate the taste of the best fresh coffee at home.

The Baratza Brand

The Baratza company are a specialist coffee grinder brand that really supports the Speciality Coffee Community. They focus almost exclusively on high end and high quality burr coffee grinders.

They formed in 1999 and have been going strong ever since. Their grinder ranges include the Maestro, the Vario and the Preciso ranges.

They are a US company based in Bellevue.

Main Review of the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder

Have a look below at the Encore on video. This will give you a better sense of what you may actually be buying. Below I have a video that will take you through what the product looks like, and how it is used.

As you can see from the video review above, this model is high quality and considered to be quite high end. It is an expensive option, but many buyers think this is worth spending their money on.

Key Features

A vast choice of 40 grind settings

Delivers a very fine grind which many coffee drinkers like to achieve

High quality gears for perfect burring and grinding

Front mounted pulse button for a quick grind

Powerful motor that does not heat up during the grinding process

container for the baratza encore

Baratza Encore Detailed Review

If you are looking for something of distinctly high quality then you should consider the Baratza Encore. If you like to brew your coffee using different methods such as , pour over, Chemex or Siphon, then this one will deliver on that type of grind.

It has 40 different grind settings, from very fine through to coarse.

The burrs inside this grinder are very accurate and precise. That means that you can be assured of getting a full extraction, and that means all of the coffee bean flavour and aroma.

With many grinders, they heat up when being used. That can actually remove a lot of flavour from your coffee beans. The motor in this one is very efficient, and also very powerful.

That means, that even at higher speeds, the motor can handle the grinding with ease. In other words the motor does not get hot, and your beans benefit quite a bit from that.

The front-mounted pulse button also makes it fast and easy to grind on demand into your brew basket. 

It measures 12 x 16 x 35 cm and weighs around 300 grams.

What Buyers Liked

  • It is very well made and has a nice quality feel to it
  • The range of grins is simply amazing
  • Really very simple to use
  • A powerful grinder and you get the sense that this is built to last
  • Quieter than many similar models - still makes noise of course, just not as loud as many others

Didn't Like so Much

  • Needs a little time to bed in before you can get very fine grinds - you need to be patient for that
  • Not the prettiest looking grinder, but very effective
  • A little bit too expensive
  • Difficult to see the coffee in the container
baratza-encore-conical-burr-grinder-110-watt UK

My Summary of the Baratza Encore Burr Grinder

If you are willing to pay the money for this, you will not be disappointed. This is a high quality conical burr grinder, that works very effectively.

The range of grinds is really very good. The fact that the grinder doesn't heat up is also great. Many of the cheaper electric burr grinders get really hot when being used. I just felt a lot safer using this one.

I was trying to figure out why the rating was lower than expected. Any negative reviews seem to be from 3-4 years ago, and mainly from espresso drinkers, who said they couldn't get a fine enough grind.

If this is not the one for you, then please check out our top 10 list of coffee burr grinders, that are currently available in the UK, by clicking right here.

Overall the Encore is a high quality conical burr grinder that does a very good job.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon has a Business Management Honour's Degree and applies his professional insight, to analyse and write helpful product reviews with tips and useful advice. I am also a coffee lover and enjoy tasting all of the coffee types the world has to offer.

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