Best Water for Coffee

which type of water for coffee

Why the Right Type of Water Matters for Coffee Making?If you are a coffee lover just like me, then you will know there are many constituent parts when making a high quality coffee brew. Without any doubt though, the main ingredient that is overlooked the most, is the type of water we use to make […]

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Measure Coffee and Water

coffee to water ratio

Coffee Brewing Water to Ratio Chart for the Perfect BrewIn this article we are going to explain what is termed the water to coffee ratio that will help you make the perfect coffee brew. This is a question that we get asked quite a lot here at The Perfect Grind website, by many UK buyers. Just […]

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Coffee Brewing Mistakes

coffee brewing mistakes to avoid at home

Top 10 Coffee Brewing Mistakes & How to Avoid ThemFor those of us who love their coffee, betting the perfect taste is nothing more than a learning experience. The majority of people that we know love the fresh taste of coffee that you get from your local coffee shop or chain supplier in the UK. We […]

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